Quick Controls 'accept' greyed out


I’m not having much luck setting up quick controls or track controls.

The quick controls and track controls set up you access from the studio menu learns the cc numbers of the controller fine but the ‘accept’ button remains grey.

What step have I missed?

Also the youtubers explaining Quick controls and track controls suggest there are presets that come with Cubase. Where can these be found?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Cubase 10.5.


You don’t have to click the Apply button anymore. The settings is applied automatically.

The presets are coming with the built-in plug-ins. Once you load the plug-in, the default preset will be loaded automatically. If there is no preset, you can assign the parameters manually.

Thanks Martin,

I must be doing something else wrong I guess.

I set control 1-8 by ‘learning’ the knobs on my controller.

This however doesn’t translate to the knobs changing the values in the quick controls. Oddly knob 1 will adjust quick control 3 and other random knobs will change random QCs.

I’ve been following how others do this but I guess must be missing a step somewhere.

Thanks for your help.


Could you attach some screenshots, please?

Hi Martin,

I’ve attached pics of how I set up the track control and the quick control VST and the quick control in the DAW as well as the controller.

Hopefully this shows what silly mistake I’ve made.


Ah it only added one file …


My expectation is, you assigned the real MIDI CCs from Oxygen to the VST Quick Controls. Does Oxygen sends the MIDI CCs 17 to 24, right? But VST Quick Controls are controlling Virtual Instruments only. Actually it should be named VSTi Quick Control in my opinion. On top of 8 Quick Controls, you can use for any track type, you have more VST Quick Controls for the instruments only.

So, set the VST Quick Controls MIDI Input to Not Connected. And then do the same Learn for the Track Quick Controls (assign the MIDI CCs to the QC slots). Set the Track Quick Controls MIDI Input to Oxygen. Now it should work.

Hello again Martin,

that’s brilliant. It worked.

I’ve got it controlling VST effects and instruments. Much appreciated.

So if track control can control VST instruments what extra does VST quick controls offer? And how do you flip from VST quick controls to track controls?

I guess I had a clash between the two which stopped either working. But how can you make use of both without them clashing?

Or are Quick controls in two different places in Cubase and I’ve not found the VST quick controls location?

I’m sure also that Cubase said they were going to redo them in 10.5 to something more straightforward.

Many thanks



VST Quick Controls are on top of Track Quick Controls for the instruments. Of course, you can use also Track QCs for the instruments, but if 8 is not enough for the plug-ins and instruments, you can use these 8 extra for instruments only. Moreover the 8 VST Quick Controls are predefined by the VSTi vendors.

You can find the VST Quick Controls for example in the VST Rack. See more details here.