Quick Controls - assigned by default?

Hi guys and gals,

Is it correct that when i instantiate a VSTi, the Track Quick Controls are automatically assigned, and there’s no way to change this behaviour?!

Isn’t this super-wierd / annoying?

So this means that when you instantiate a VSTi, you need to always immediately go that track’s Quick Controls and remove all QC assignments? (if you ever intend to use QCs in that project, which of course you probably don’t know in advance)

This is so strange (if true)…

Any workaround to add VST instruments with empty QC ??

In cubase 10 you can edit quick control page 1 by assigning any parameter of the vst. But what about other pages? How you can change this ? I can not do it any way. For example in Arturia’s MiniV the factory default QC’s are a mess. If I wanna change and make a preset I can do it only with page one (8 parameters). Is there a way to do it with other pages also???