Quick Controls automation transmitting to hardware faders?!

Picture this folks:

I’m sending midi CC controller data from my Behringer X-Touch Compact faders to my track Quick Controls.

In the quick control settings i’ve configuered it to both transmit and receive. So not only are my fader moves recorded as automation, but when i play back the automation the hardware faders move accordingly.

Which is cool…sort of…

What i find strange is the fact that if, after i record the automation, i turn off Quick Controls for that track, the track will still send the automation to my hardware faders.

Imagine this scenario:

I’ve got my 8 hardware faders mapped to 8 parameters of my soft synth. Once i’ve recorded automation on all 8 Quick Controls, then, when i play back, all 8 faders will be moving. but this isn’t really what i want. I don’t need to see all 8 faders moving. Those faders are quite noisy and also distracting. I might want to see a couple moving, but not all 8, and i’d like to choose which ones do and don’t move at any given moment, depending on what automation I’m trying to edit.

But it seems the only way to stop the faders from moving is to select a different track, or go back into the Quick Controls configuration and turn off “transmit” for that particular fader (or all faders).

It would seem much more logical to me if there was a transmit button with each Quick Control, then you could choose which of your faders are or are not physically moving according to the Quick Controls automation.

It also seems strange to me that if you turn off Quick Controls, Cubase will still send that previously recorded automation back to my hardware faders.

Hmmm, not sure if i explained that well, anyone come up against this issue before or have any words of wisdom / suggestions?

I should also mention that the Behringer X-Touch Compact won’t (as far as i know) let me turn off an individual fader momentarily, which also seems like an oversight.

Thanks! …J

Actually it sends the values even to the plug-in or the instrument, even if it’s switched Off (deactivated).

Ah, ok…