Quick controls C13 some questions and issues

in Cubase 13
1: i cant see the icon of the presets on the QC tab on track in the project
(Edit: about the presets , i see now its possible to load/save with right click , i preferred the preset icon on the tab.)
2: (issue) the W-R (write and read) on QC tab are all white, also when turned on !?
3: is it possible to some how disable the focus QC to work on tracks ?
i set NanoKontrol’s 8 knobs for Focus QC, and 8 faders for QC, and i dont want/need the focus QC to control track’s QC only for focused Vst/Vsti)
{ Edit: found a way so the focus QC controls only vst, but nevertheless it looses focus and control of vst when focusing on other area than vst window,.
maybe there is a way that the last vst selected not looses control even when focus in other area than vst? (not the lock for particular vst ) }
4: (issue) turning on/off the QC on tracks does not working ?on or off , the midi controller affects them (or should on/off purpose for other things ?)


Right-click is the way to go.

This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t understand this. Then don’t assign the faders to the Focus QC, if you don’t want it.

This is the point of the Focus Quick Control.

What about the AI Knob? You can lock it.

This is a known issue and it’s going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.

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about comment 3, before the new midi remote, there was not “Focus” function, but only Track QC and Vst QC.
the focus QC is new, so the focused window will be controlled , thats good when you have only 8 knobs/faders.
but i have 16, so i want 8 knobs to always control track QC, and the other 8 to always control the Plugin QC, no matter if the window is in focus or not.
the new midi remote seems to give this option for focus QC to only work for Vst

but 2 issues with this.
1: even though that i set it to , “plugin window focus only”
when i focus on project window lets say, F-QC wont control the “track QC” and that’s its the purpose, but it wont control the opened plugin that was in focus anymore either, until i click on plugins GUI to be focused again.
maybe its how its spouse to work, but it breaks workflow.
if F-QC somehow could be locked on that plugin until i close it or focus on other plugin GUI that would be better
2: need to try more, but seems the Midi remote forgets the settings of “plugin window focus only” and it resets in some cases, need to check more when and why

Also another Q:
is there a way to edit factory’s mapping ?
NanoKontrol comes with some factory mapped presets, but seems i cant edit them, i want to change few things without creating the same similar preset all over again.
it locks like its locked for editing, all parameters are grayed out


You can change the assignment in the Mapping Assistant.

i cant that’s the issue , its all locked for editing somehow in mapping assistant because its a factory preset. i can open the mapping assistant but cant edit, and all functions assigned are grayed out, meaning not editable !
so i wonder if somehow i missing some settings to unlock it


Create a new Page, or duplicate the current page. Then you can edit it.

Then you shouldn’t be using the FQCs for this. You should assign your knobs to the insertsViewer parameters, and in other pages to the strip effects parameters.


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