Quick Controls cannot restore (9.5)

Will try to explain step by step.

  1. Create new project in Cubase Pro 9.5.10.

  2. Add two Halion Symphonic Orchestra tracks and two Halion Sonic SE3 tracks (count not matters)

  3. Open MixConsole and select to view QuickControls Rack.

  4. For both Symphonic (they can be another type of Instrument) track change QC2 to Width and QC3 to Release. Can change to any other paramether not default QC which you always see in instrument’s window). Change the QC7 Body to 75 for both Symphonic tracks. Default was 50.

  5. Change these two parameters and remember their positions. Let’s say Width for both can be 50 and Release - 10.

  6. Change two other tracks QC parameters. Both have Halion Sonic SE3 Instruments and let’s change QC5 Stereo Width to 70. Default was something about 81.

  7. Now go to Project window and disable all four tracks.

  8. Now enable all four tracks and open MixConsole window.

  9. QC2 Width and QC3 Release for both Symphonic tracks are zero, but QC7 Body (Body was default QuickControl for knob 7) parameter still have our new value - 75.

It seems that Cubase 9.5 doesn’t store correctly parameters which are not default for QuickControl knobs.
Correctly are stored only these parameters which are default for QuickControl knobs

But no!
10. I open the same project in Cubase Pro 9.0.30 and all my stored values are in place.

But all is not so nice as it seems.
11. Now in the 9.0.30 version I’ve change QC2 to CC 11 (Expression) and QC4 to CC 1 (Modulation) for one of Halion Sonic SE3 Instruments and put some values - 48 and 32 respectively.
12. Go to Project window and disable only that one track.
13. Then enable it and go to MixConsole (or view QuickControls in the Left Zone Inspector).

Values are zero! Keep in mind that I did not save project after I change QC2 and QC4 for Halion Sonic SE3.

  1. Press Save.
  2. Change again these values (step 11).
  3. Disable that one track.
  4. Enable it and take a look in Inspector or MixConsole.

Yeah! It works! Parameters are stored and restored as needed.

  1. Save it and open in 9.5.10.
  2. Nope! QC2 and QC3 for Symphonic Instruments are zero, but QC2 and QC4 for Halion Sonic SE3 which have parameters CC11(Expression) and CC1(Modulation) have their values 48 and 32 resp.

It seems that Cubase (9 and 9.5) needs some mental approach and it seems that Steinberg developers reach AI. Yess, now I know that Cubase AI was a seed of Artificial Intelligence :wink:

Conclusion. Something was going terribly wrong. QuickControls are unusable for serious projects.

I know, I know - I can write poems etc. I write my own book about repressions in and occupation of Latvia.
But about Cubase - I still am serious - Cubase is the “best DAW in the world”, but you (developers) need to believe that this title needs some attention to not to lose it.

I reach this problem when I creating my own template for virtual orchestra. I upgraded to Pro version only for that that I can load more than 64 instruments.
With this post there is another one thing, but I posted it in Features request subforum to prevent -steve- from ability to give me warning :smiley:
And that thing is - QuickControls are not quick-linkable. Now imagine that you have hundred tracks in template and for new project you want to change release parameter for all tracks. Lets make a coffee and spend a hour for mousejob! :slight_smile: There is another way - open each instrument and change parameters one by one in instrument’s window. Then you will need two coffies :smiley:

QCtest.cpr.zip (797 KB)

  1. In Cubase 9.5.10 I add two new tracks - Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk.
  2. For both tracks I change QC3 to Legato Sw parameter. And values - 57 and 58.
  3. Disable All (now 6) tracks.
  4. Enable only Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk tracks.
  5. They have values 100 and 49 respectively.

Just for fun! :wink:

That’s all. I switch off my warm love for QuickControls, because I spent two hours of my project time and I’m not beta tester and not having any discounts. Thank you!

  1. In MixConsole of Cubase 9.0.30 I open the same project and do “Remove All QC assignments” and then “Get Default QCs from Plug-In”.
  2. For one of Halion Sonic SE3 track QC2 which by default is S1 QC2 Emphasis, have the value I gave to this QC slot when it was CC11 (Expression) in the step 11 in my first post.
  3. Second Halion Sonic SE3 track’s QC2 have default value - 0.

And this is after I remove all assignments and load defaults.

Halfyear gone, but no one responds. Okay, let me talk while I’m lonely in a desert of issues :slight_smile:

Today’s bad experience:

  1. Load HALion Symphonic Orchestra - Violins I A Legato+Portamento
  2. In Track Inspector I press “Get Default QCs from Plug-in”; in MixConsole rightclick on rack named “QUICK” (eg track quick controls)
  3. In a slot of QC6 I load “MIDI Controller -> Ch. 1 -> Expression” (this is not that is for MIDI channel, but for instrument and is similar to track automation, not channel)
  4. I set Expression to 50 and save project.
  5. When opened project, Expression gauge is set to 127, but expression it self is in a half - it is audible while playing.
  6. If I set an automation lane to initial value 50 and save/reopen, then QC also is stored.

So why there is double setup needed? If QC is fully operational only for QC knobs in a Steinberg’s instruments, then why there are selectable other parameters? Only to look much more?

I can repeat this in a short video, but if no one reads this, then why I should record it?
Anyway, good composing, mates! :wink:
It’s sad that technology took too much time to set up and steals time from composing.