Quick controls etc..

This needs to be totally worked on and over.

I want to connect as many controllers as i want, and i want controller X to control plugin A , controller Y to control plugin B etcetc.

It is very simple if you think about it and absolutely neccesary in this time.

A universal control management.

Recognition for all controllers that are out there right out of the box. No silly fiddling around or limited “quick controls” or “track controls”

Right-click on any fader/knob, learn, twist controller knob, done. It will work, no matter which track is selected.

  • this way, one controller can control X amount of plugins.

Pair that with an reworked remote management, (including cc range definition etc.) and you have something good.

I have requested this many times… And it aaalways pops up again… Please, if it is in your power, do something about this… For the love of god, please consider this as it is a better solution.period.

Thank you for caring about music.