Quick Controls + Expression Maps issue

Looks like there’s some problem when having Quick Controls and Expression Maps on the same track. Let’s say:

  • flute track playing on VEpro (slave PC).
  • Expression Maps on track for articulations
  • Quick Controls on the same track.

When playing or recording and moving controller fader (or fader in Inspector), resulting control fader (on VEpro) is sluggish. It seems to be momentarily interrupted by articulations changes. The fader flashes back to a anterior value and goes on normally then. When cancelling Expression Maps on track, erverything is ok then.

BTW, recorded values are ok and reflect the exact fader movings. But the playback while recording is sluggish.

Anyone encountered this ? Is there some conflict (cc number i.e.) ?

Ok, sorry, this is relative to VEpro and not a bug BTW…

When articulation changes it recovers the last controller value for this specific articulation… Doesn’t make my day, I’ll have to find a way to avoid this…