Quick Controls for plugins in the Control Room

I want to be able to control plugins in the control room, via hardware…
…like bypassing plugins, changing parameters inside plugins, etc.

Waves Abbey Road Studios plugin has the studio environment modeling, as well as the ability to change what speakers you’re monitoring from - the nearfield, or the floor speakers, or the large wall-mounted speakers. It would be swell to be able to control the switching of these with a button.

Right now, there are no track controls for the control room.
Cubase 11?

Right now, there are no track controls for the control room.

it is not a track…

you can set up different destinations in control room, to switch between the different monitor types

Right, it’s not a track. That’s just semantics.
Call the controls what you want, call them “Control Quick” controls for the control room… but I’m looking for MIDI assignable commands that control the VST effects that I insert there, just like we can do with Track Quick and VST Quick controls.

I can create multiple monitors in my studio, and I have, and a headphone output as well. But none of that will control my virtual headphone control room monitoring that is happening inside that particular Waves VST effect plug-in I mentioned above. I insert that plugin on my headphone monitor insert section.