Quick controls help needed - is it working on your end?

using Cubase 9.0.20

I use quick controls with a HW controller
When I do assign a new parameter to any Quick control
still old/default controlled parameter will be changed when turning the Harware knob, but not the one actually configured in Qucik Control setting.

Can somebody please confirm or point me where I do make the mistake?

Thanks and best regards


Could you describe, how do you do the new assignment, please?


Clicking the learn button (L), then turning knob in Vst. Same behavior when selecting parameter from the list in Qc inspector


I see, I got it.

By the Learn [L] button in the Quick Controls panel, you don’t assign the hardware controller (knob or slider), but you assign the virtual SW knob (slider) to this Quick Control.

If you want to change the hardware assignment, open Devices > Device Setup > Track Quick Controls.


given your hint, now I read about difference of VST QC (those in the F11 VST rack) and Track QC.
Will try now Track QC instead but I think this will work.
Thanks for your help!