Quick Controls implementation

Quick controls

What is the point of quick controls?

It seems that it acts like a “man in the middle” between the controller and the plugin

  • A lot of plugins have midi learn
  • Many hosts have “rightclick” → midi learn
  • Extra resources are allocated to this superfluous? function
  • They are limited to 8 controls (which is not viable in this day and age)
  • They “take over” 8 CCs of the controller (16 if you also map track qcs) which cannot
    be used for anything else

They do not perform basic “control” functions like:

  • Limit the range of the controlled value
  • Lock controller cc to control (which can be controlled no matter where or what is
    Going on)

A good implementation would be:

  • Map as many ccs via learn as you want.
  • Pressing the “Quick controls” tab would bring up a menu/screen that shows all mapped controls with further options (like limiting range) etc.(the etc. could be adding modulation to the controls via individual/per contrtol lfos… use control X from audio channel 1 to modulate control Y on inst.
    channel 2 etc.etc.etc. be creative :wink:

It seems that QCs do nothing special (nothing a most basic “right-click-learn midi cc” couldn’t do on its own - besides limiting this function to 8 controls)

Can someone please enlighten me with what the benefits of the quick controls over a
standard “rightclick learn cc” are - I am having troubles seeing them…

Thank you very much=)

I use quickcontrols because of the integration they have with my nektar keyboard. There’s a QC section on the keyboard I can access quickly - and you can use your own preset QC’s. Often the QC’s that are extracted on loading the instrument are pretty useful, and so I can quickly use them with the nektar.

Some sort of limited control value would be nice you’re right.

I can’t imagine that many resources are being allocated to QC’s.

The integration you speak of - It would be much better and more bountiful if there was no “man in the middle” doing nothing but limiting controls…

Can anybody tell me any other advantages of the 8 QC slots? (other than having 8 pre-mapped knobs → premapped to something the user did not choose)

As you can tell from the first post… I do not see any advantages… all it does is add limitations in its current state…

The QC are handy if you have a controller and want to quickly adjust a the top few parameters that matter to be you. Some instruments and plugins have dozens if not 100s of values that can be controlled. It’s nice to be able to set up the top ones you want, save as a preset and use in the future.

I use QC’s for all kinds of things. We all do. it’s a big part of the program.

They are great for changing the sound of instrument and when you move from one to the next, the QC’s move too. On my system the QC’s are connected to the eight rotary controllers of my Akai Advance 49 Keyboard.

QC’s have “Presets” and, if you want, check out how those work. I don’t use them much, but they are sometimes useful.

You may not find you don’t need them or have other ways you prefer to work. I like what they do and use them. Sure, I wish they did more, but they do a lot.

ok… it seems that some are missing the point… somewhat…

I know what QCs are and what they are used for.

I also know their limitations - which shouldn’t be…

I guess it is ok if all you ever use is 8 controls…

my trusty remote sl for example, has 32 buttons, 16 knobs, 8 faders, 8 crappy drumpads, XY pad

now, why should these 64+ controls be limited to 8 (very limited) controls? - It makes no sense.

You can map your Novation however you wish if you want more control. Just do it directly for each VST and save your preset in your Novation.
The whole point of the Quick Controls is exactly that. They’re quick macro controls! Ableton does this, as do many VSTs such as Massive to give you quick access to some of the obvious tweakable parameters such as cutoff, resonance etc.

I also have many workarounds… jumping to “user” mode gives me access to the CC mode - which which I can use the QCs

  • but , 8-16 CCs are then permamapped to track/vst controls and unuseable for anything else…

I wish that cubase would do it like ableton and many others… It is so easy to click on “midi learn”-> turn controller. set. - Just like what Quick controls does, but it is not limited to 8 controls.

I do not want to “perma-map” controls to vst via automap or whatever- Who knows how I will use the current sound or synth at any given time. - Hence the need for more dynamic flexibility in this area.

Again… it is too minimal in its implementation.

If you want more functionality for your devices, you’ll have to use a Generic Remote. Cubase first has to “learn” the controls and then you assign them to whatever functions might be useful to you. It’s not a fun process for most of us and it’s not a perfect system, but, GR does allow for a much greater set of remote functions to be used. QCs are only part of the picture and a utility for fast, easy changes to things. The GR will give you more – after you go through the process of learning it and implementing some functions.

It is not a man in the middle. When the plugin get mouse event that the pointer hover over an object it should run the findParameter method and identify the parameter that object controls. Cubase can then use that parameter for AI-knobs or QC mapping.