Quick Controls issue - receiving wrong plugin

I’m trying to assign a quick control via midi learn, and as soon as I press the L learn button its being assigned to “Delay 2 Delay T” from Ultrachannel plugin (which is on a different track btw) and though I can move the parameter on the insert plugin I want to quick control and it shows up while moving, as soon as I let go of the mouse its automatically going back to this “Delay 2 Delay T” parameter.

Any idea whats going wrong here and how to fix it? I dont use quick controls often, but when I do I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I’ve tried assigning it manually instead, but since I have so many tracks and the list is so long my computer is chugging just trying to find the parameter I want to automate! (been waiting for a good 5min just to find my track in the quick controls pulldown menu and I still have a color wheel) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


You shouldn’t be able to control QCs of other but selected track.

WOW!! Thank you for your reply. I tried as a test to learn quick controls on any track in my project and they all learnt this “Delay 2 Delay T” parameter and couldn’t learn anything else. Turns out that the plugin causing this issue was on a vocal track of mine. I have now removed the plugin from the track it was inserted on and quick controls seems to be functioning normally again! WEIRD!! Any ideas what happened or better yet how to prevent it from happening again?

edit: To add to the mystery it appears the track that had this “corrupted” plugin also has a bunch of notes in the notepad that say “text copied from rendered track” over and over. Maybe something did get corrupted when this channel was freezed and then unfreezed?

yes you can-- if you control or alt-click on the QC field, you are presented with all the channels in the project (and all their inserted VSTs and their parameters). this way, you can have one channel’s QCs controlling a VST parameter from anywhere within the project. this, of course, falls apart the moment you switch the order of channels, because cubase is just lame this way.

Oh, nice (and danger), I didn’t know this. Thanks.

Could be…

Could you try to save a Backup of this project, and use the Backup? Could you reproduce it with other project?

no worries.