Quick Controls Issue


This is probably going to be a rather complicated post.

I recently bought a Roland A-500Pro midi controller and have successfully been able to map the control knobs to be used for the default Quick Controls for most VSTs, ie Serum, Omnisphere, etc.
However, I want to also be able to use Quick Controls to manipulate Audio Inserts on those same VSTs.

For example, I have a Serum track running a bassline and I added an Audio Insert of Polyverse’s Manipulator. Under Quick Controls, the default control for Serum on my R5,R6,R7 midi controller knobs are A Semi, A Fine, AUnison.

I opened Manipulator and clicked the Learn button to have that Quick Control instead mapped to the Formant, Pitch, Metaknob functions of Manipulator and it recognizes them. I click R/W so I can manipulate as it is playing back.

However, when I begin turning the R5 knob on my controller, the automation that shows up is for the A Semi, A Fine, AUnison.

Bottom Line, I bought the silly midi controller for the main purpose of being able to easily automate Polyverse plugins, but I cannot get them to Detect MidiCC nor get them working with Quick Controls.

Anyone have any ideas?