Quick Controls issues

Having some issues with the Quick Controls in Cubase 8.

First of all, I can’t seem to work the learn-function.

This is what the Manual says:

_To connect the controllers of your remote control device to the Quick Control slots in Cubase, proceed as follows:

  1. Select “Quick Control1” in the “Control Name” column.
  2. Move the control that you want to use for the first quick control (encoder, fader or other) on the remote control device.
  3. In the Device Setup dialog, click the Learn button to the right of the table.

    That way the quick control is being associated with the control on your remote device.
  4. Repeat these steps for the other quick controls._

There’s no Learn button like in the previous version of Cubase (I’m coming from Cubase 5 myself),
instead there’s a Learn checkbox. To me this doesn’t make sense because if I were to then follow the manual,
I would have to select one of the quick controls, move the midi controller, check the learn box and then uncheck it again.
I also tried having it checked from the start when selecting the QC and turning a knob.
So there’s no response when following the guide, but my controller works as expected otherwise in Cubase.

Also, most of the VST Quick Controls don’t show the value when turning them, they just show blank, and then show the name of the parameter again after turning.

I’m using the Impulse 49 from Novation with automap, and everything else seems to work perfectly; the automap, transport buttons etc. And yes, I set the faders and knobs to MIDI mode when I tried to learn the QC’s.

First, in devices you only check the box while learning. Once it’s learned you uncheck and then do an export to get it to have be semi-permanent.

2nd, make sure the MIDI Input is set to the device that you want to use for quick controls.

3rd, why do you want to use quick controls when you have automap? Automap is far superior for the purpose and may actually be conflicting with the QC setup you are trying to do.

Yeah, that was the issue, silly me. Apparently, it can’t be set to All MIDI Inputs.

This because I think it’s a hassle to flip through all the banks to find the proper parameters all the time.
I’m still getting to know my Impulse, would you perhaps have some resources on how to customize it?
I mean, I though there was supposed to be the ability to change the order / layout of parameters in it?

EDIT: And if you can change the layout, can you save layouts for each instrument and effect so that they will automatically be loaded everytime you control that vst?

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: