Quick Controls lagging

I setup a x touch mini and set the 8 encoders as my track quick controls. When loading a preset quick control on the inspector I have to fiddle the encoder before the knob is activated and starts to effect the track. Once it is recognized it works fine but if I change the preset set I have to repeat the process.
I am on midi channel 11 not sure if that will effect anything. I would like to save preset and change between them on the fly with having to fiddle.

Sounds like Pickup Mode is enabled?

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Yes pick up mode is enable. I would like the LEDs to reflect the settings in cubase. Is there something I can do to remedy this without turning pick up mode off?

Pick up mode is unrelated to that.

Just ensure that your Quick Controls Midi Output is also set to your external controller. And the Transmit flag is also enabled for each of the Quick Controls. This is my setup for a different controller, but the idea is similar.


And you may have to disable Global midi channel in the x-touch editor.

This video eventually gets the setup right at the end of the video - but it goes through the various wrong configurations first :slight_smile:

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This worked! thank you

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