Quick Controls "Load Preset" not on Menu. [solved]

Update –

Please see the “feature request” thread about this subject.

Forum Moderators: Please feel free to delete this post. Martin cleared it up and I added a Feature Request on it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Please observe that there is no “Load Preset” on the Quick Controls Menu.

I am one version back from current. If this has been corrected in the current release, perhaps a patch can be issued for those of us still running currently supported versions. (See screen).



It’s not needed. All the presets are available in the menu directly.

Thanks Martin,

I’ll re-look at this, perhaps I missed something, but how do I reload a QC Preset if I’ve removed it from the list? In most cases, if I assign QCs to a track in a project I use the functions and move on, but of late I’m seeing where having more QC Presets would be helpful. I’ll work with it.

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Thanks for explaining this and I do see how it works. However, this means, in theory, the list will just grow and grow and there’s no way to keep it small and load QC Presets from a files? Seems odd. I accept it if that’s how this works, but, isn’t this strange? I can’t be the only person who ever mentioned this.

Anyway, thanks, as always.


I agree, it’s strange. I would expect it’s integrated to the MediaBay same as all other presets.

Thanks for clearing this up. I’ll post this in the “feature request” forum and, after the apocalypse is over, maybe it can be looked at.