Quick Controls - min+max output values

Hi, I think this addition would be pretty simple to implement and be SOOO useful. This not being in Cubase is the only reason I don’t use quick controls.

Right now, you can adjust max input value for controlling a quick control, but you there’s no way to set a minimum or maximum value for the output of that quick control.

So, if I want to control a knob in massive for instance… And I want the knob in massive to go from 30% to 50%, but I want to use the full range of the midi knob I’m using to control it, there’s no way to do that, unless I’m wrong???

It would be so amazing to see these parameters appear on the left hand side along with the quick control options in the inspector!! I saw that they could do this in Ableton, and I’ve been jealous ever since.

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you might find this sugestion interesting: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=228&t=74068&p=426327#p426327

yeah, that would be cool to have a vertical snap… that be said though, I don’t see how it has anything to do with the quick controls feature I’m suggesting? lol

i talk about quickcontrols there … and min and max . anyway any range you want to control via quick control is a vertical automation value so snapping or making a range with “guide nodes” has something to do with quickcontrols because quickcontrols would inherit this same values and behaviour. anyway :wink:

yeah this is being constantly requested, as part of a broader request to approximate ableton’s macro controls.

ie. not only set mix and max values, but to be able to set an inverted curve as well (and possibly more, like log or exponential). this together with mapping more parameters to a single midi controller (which is currently impossible). quickcontrols just aren’t very well designed.


Lukasbrooklyn, thanks for the info! Yeah, obviously I’m all for making the quick controls as powerful as they can be. They definitely need to be more like the one’s in Ableton!

+1 Automap is something else, but at least it has a range adjustment.

+1 from me too :slight_smile:
I’d like to see a mod key+click on a slot in the Quick Controls tab in a track’s Inspector (and the same for a knob in the VSTi Rack, to do the same thing for VST Quick Controls), which opens a small window, where you can set min and max values (where, naturally, setting min higher than max would result in inverting :wink: )