Quick Controls Not Reacting..

Hi guys,

On Win7 64bit, Cubase 5.5.2

Using an AKAI LPD8 midi controller…

I want to use the Quick Controls. In Device setup, I can successfully perform the Learn function to assign Controller Slots 1-8 to my LPD8 (Cubase sees and reacts to the controller).

However, I go to a midi track in the Project Window, enable the Quick Controls window, assign to a parameter (for example, the filter in Monologue) to 1 of the 8 slots, but I can’t get the horizontal fader to react to my LPD8 movements.

Cubase is definitely seeing the LPD8 at the device setup stage, but then not seeing it after that.

Any ideas?



I have the same issue with my Edirol PCR-500 controller.

Try going to >Preferences>Editing>Project & Mixer, make sure Sync Project and Mixer Selection is checked and click OK.

Return to your midi track and enable Quick Controls.

This works for me but I hate having “Sync Project and Mixer” activated so I have assigned a KB shortcut to engage when needed.

Not sure if this will work for you but you never know.

Good luck :slight_smile:



That worked! Terrific.

Thanks dbombay1!


The above fix did get my Akai controller to move Quick Control faders, but the Akai controller is behaving like a generic remote AND a Quick control.

For example,

The AKAI LPD8 knob1 is set to broadcast CC001.

In device setup/quick controls, I set controller 1 to Learn this CC001.

Cubase sees the AKAI CC001 and Learns the setting.

I make a midi track and set the first quick control slot to control Filter Cutoff in Monologue Synth, for example.

I can toggle that AKAI knob, see the Quick Control fader moving, and my Monolgue Filter Cutoff reacts.

However, I press Record. I sweep the AKAI knob. Press Stop. I go to look at the part I recorded.

Cubase has recorded CC001 (modulation) info, not Filter Cutoff info. I play the part, and there is no filter movement, only Modulation movement.

To sum up, Quick Controls are working correctly until I try to record some movement and play it back, at which point, they are only recording the CC number set up on the hardware. controller.

Anybody seen this behaviour?