Quick Controls Not Recording

I hope someone can help me figure this out. I’ve set up Quick Controls on a midi track for CC1 and CC11. The values change when I move the associated slider in Lemur. But the CC messages are not recorded on the track. I can record directly to the track with the mod wheel and a hardware slider set to each CC and Channel 1.

A Midi Monitor on the track shows the data coming in as CC1 and CC1 from the Lemur control surface, so the CC data is getting to the track:
Controller 1 74 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 1 79 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 1 82 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 1 83 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 1 84 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 11 56 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 11 35 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 11 36 1 0:00:00.000
Controller 11 38 1 0:00:00.000

I must be missing something simple.

Any ideas?



(just to clarify :wink: )…How are you “recording” this?
If you are simply moving the fader and recording into the MIDI track, then, no, that won’t work…
We are in fact dealing with automation here…
Read/Write enable the Quick Controls pane and then Write your fader (the MIDI track itself doesn’t even have to be in Record mode) The data will be recorded as an automation sub-track, rather than into the classic CC# lanes of the MIDI Part.
Or are you saying you have done all that, and it still isn’t working?

The CCs are coming from Lemur. I think you may have nailed my question though. I was expecting the data to be recorded to the midi track, not as automation. If that’s the case NP, I’ll just add a new port to Lemur have it transmit the CCs directly and not through Quick Controls.

Thanks for answering!


Quick control will NOT be recorded, we should use Automation with QC.
But you can still record your midi info to your midi track, it’s just independent from QC.

Anyway, making curves and so with controllers is much better via automation than midi infos on midi tracks.

Is it clearer ?

Thanks DiSky. I actually prefer recording CCs to the midi track so it is editable in the key editor. I’ve been using automation exclusively in Sonar, but that is mostly because the controller editing is awkward.