(?) Quick Controls not saved with project?

I think I found a nasty bug with Quick Controls.

  1. Create a MIDI Track;.
  2. Assign the first Track Inspector Quick Control slot to a CC (i.e. CC 11);
  3. Move the Quick Control to an arbitrary value;
  4. Save the project;
  5. Open the saved project: the Quick Control value has reset to 0.

I have spent quite some time tweaking parameters and saved one project. Then opened it and, voila!all the parameters had reset to 0. Please correct this to 6.0.3 on time, as it is a really an annoying behavior.


I’ll bump this one because this is really bugging me. Can someone confirm this, please?


Yep, confirmed.

Thanks, Vic. Hope there’s time to include it in 6.0.3, since it might not be a difficult one to fix.

Hello, people from Steinberg. First, thanks for 6.0.3, it has some good improvements and fixes. But please, take this issue into consideration for a quick fix, since it must not be very hard to do and it’s very annoying.