Quick Controls on midi tracks

Hi eveyone

Is there a way to use Quick Controls on a midi track?

For instance, say I want to control the cutoff frequency of a low pass filter on a midi track using Quick Controls. I understand how to do this on an Instrument track, however the option to effect EQ parameters isn’t available for midi tracks.

I understand I can add Quick Controls to the VST Instrument track the audio is being routed to in the VST Instruments folder, but when I select the midi track I want to play, the VST Instrument track is obviously deselected, so I can’t use it’s Quick Controls.

One work around I’ve tried is to select the midi track and it’s corresponding VST Instrument track (in that order) and record while both are selected. This works although it is quite inconvenient to have to keep navigating through a large template to select and deselect tracks.

Does any one have a better idea of how to do this?