Quick Controls only transmit on Channel 1?

I need the quick controls to transmit in omni mode. They seem to only transmit on channel 1. Is there any way around this?


My research bring up a broader question - can you make an Instrument Track transmit MIDI in omni mode?

You mean on all 16 channels at the same time? for why?

Midi devices transmit on a single channel usually selectable.

Oh and page 338 onwards is a good read if you want to learn more about quick controls

Yeah I read the chapter in the manual but it doesn’t shed any light on the topic.

I need to transmit on every MIDI channel because I need to send messages from the Quick Controls to every patch loaded in my Kontakt instance on every channel, not just the patch on channel 1. I have elaborate keyswitches setup using Expression Maps. Anytime I switch to a patch on anything other than channel 1, my Quick Controls fail to work.


Anyone else have any ideas on this?