Quick Controls per channel

its a pity that there is only one set of quick controls…very limiting for the pro version for sure!
Please consider adding this per channel!

What do you mean? Every channel has quick controls.

it doesnt… when you set up a device to use for quick controls, you can only choose 1 midi channel.
if you want to control a different channel, you can do that by enabling remote control focus on vst instruments to follow track selection.
But this will only work ok if you have motorized knobs - faders… otherwise parameters will be affected by the knob position…

If you guys know a different way to set this up please enlighten me!

oh!) ha ha)) I was requesting this too )

For example here is a big discussion.

There is a workaround but I think it’s not convenient.
Add few Generic Remotes for every VSTi you would like to control with duplicated channel addresses but different destinations in every Generic Remote map.