Quick Controls Preset Menu should be done better (Archaic menu)

It’s one of the archaic menus.

There’s no organizational methodology to it.

It’s not even alphabetized.

There’s no way to organize it into a Tree menu broken into sub menus, ie, a user could at least then organize by:
Track Type

If the above could be done, it would be a good start.

but if we wanted to develop this to be extensively better it should be a fully featured pop-out floating menu window in which Quick Control Presets are broken down into categories

The categories would be broken into 5 columns

Track Type
Track Preset Name
Inserted Plugins
Connected Instrument

Track Type:
The presets menu would do some of the work for the user automatically, for example, there’s no reason for Audio QCs to show for a MIDI track. So if the user is loading a QC preset on a MIDI track, that filtration option will be selected.

Audio, Groups, FX, Output channels, etc, could have crossover relevance. the menu by default would filter out QCs that were created originally for the selected track type, but the user could add allowances. example:
-User load QC preset on a selected FX track
-Menu window pop up, FX track QCs filtered by default
-User adds Group, Audio filter allowances.

Track Preset Name
If QC presets are created on a track that has a Track Preset loaded, the QCs will retain that Track Preset Name for reference in the new load QC preset menu.

Inserted Plugins
New QC preset menu will analyze what inserts the user currently has inserted on the track and list applicable QC presets that have been previously saved

There may need to be some kind of “connection assistant” as what position the user has inserted the plugins may not match to what was saved in the QC. This would bring up a secondary connections menu where the user can match make the currently inserted plugins with the applicable QCs.
Insert Slot 1: Studio EQ ---------> QC Slot 5: Studio EQ Low Freq

Connected Instrument
Looks at what a MIDI or Instrument Track is connected to

Lists all QC presets, user can name-filter-search, etc

A User should be able to select/enable multiple QC presets per track / saved with Track Preset

A user should be able to enable multiple Quick Control Presets per Track and flip/scroll through them quickly. This could be saved with a Track Preset.

Think of it as loading 5 programs into a Synths bank, and only toggling through those 5 programs despite there being 1000 other programs in 10 other banks.

If a user creates multiple Quick Control presets on a track, those Quick Control presets will be banked with that track for as long as that track exists in the project, or is imported to another project, etc. If the track is duplicated even, that bank of QC presets will be duplicated with it. And again, if the user saves that track as a track preset, the bank of QC presets will be saved with it.

Quick Controls pop out Window

Quick Controls should have their own pop-out window, applicable with Workspace presets