Quick Controls question


I’m having troubles automating the attack and release parameters from the Amp envelope. When assigning them to the Quick Controls knobs, they don’t respond. Other parameters (filter, LFO) work just fine. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!!


Are you trying to automate them with a VST lane or via MIDI CC messages?

When you say it doesn’t respond, do you mean via remote control (A slider or knob on your MIDI controller), or when you draw into the automation lane in the DAW?

If you’re using VST automation try this:

Right click the Quick Control knob that you want to automate in Halion. Choose to show automation lane. Alternatively, you can make the automation lane in the Cubase Project View.

Draw some stuff on the automation lane, click the read button so it turns green, and play the project to see if Halion follows the events you drew in.

Now, if you want to control that lane via Remote Control, then you’ll need to check your Quick VST controller settings. You can check the CC assignments of your 8 VST Quick Link, and 8 Track Quick Link controls in “Devices\Device Setup”.

Don’t forget to snap the VST Quick Controls to the instance of Halion you want controlled in the Instrument Rack.

If the particular control you want to adjust with a Quick Link isn’t showing, you can build new pages of controls if you click the top right corner of the Halion VST interface and choose “Remote Control Editor”.

Alternatively, you can find the specific amp parameter that you’d like to automate, right click it, and choose ‘learn’ (be sure you have the track set to listen to your MIDI controller). Now move a control that has a unique MIDI CC assigned. If you use this method you can record the automation directly in the MIDI part, and edit it via ‘controller lane’. There are also methods to move/keep that data on a special track ‘automation lane’ if you’d prefer working there instead of from controller lanes inside your MIDI parts.

There are many many ways to automate things inside Halion…

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your extensive answer! I just found out what caused the problem: the Halion 3 compatibility knob. When switched off, it works.
Thanks again!!