Quick controls react chaoticly to MIDI keyboard

Hi. I have a MIDI controller Worlde Panda Mini C. I have trouble connecting it to quick controls. All the keys, pads and knobs seem to be working fine, but when it comes to faders, the quick controls’ settings just go crazy - they go from hard left to hard right position and then back again and I haven’t even moved the fader that much to reach the top/bottom. Thought it was an issue with the MIDI controller itself - but Reaper picked it up effortlessly, no problems of any kind.

I’ve tried manually changing the Lower/Upper Value on the MIDI controller driver (ex. 0 to 64, instead of 0 to 127); clicking on the quick control’s bar in listen mode to correct the settings to be closer to the fader position on the MIDI controller; resetting the whole thing; relearning the Track quick control assignments. Nothing changes. I start moving the fader and the value just goes crazy. Even tried it with an on/off switch (like turning the LFC on/off), but it switches a couple times as I move the fader.

Cubase 10 Pro, Win 10 x64.

What am I doing wrong and what solution can you suggest?

Hi and welcome,

Could you try to send the plain MIDI data from the faders to Cubase and record it, please? Can you see continuous data recorded, please?

Could you share a screenshot of the Track Quick Controls in the Studio Setup, please?