Quick Controls Reverting to 0

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add an instrument track
    (note: This is an external instrument set up via devices… which it was nice to see the midi device manager getting a serious fix in the last update)
  3. Set up some quick controls
  4. Save as quick control preset
  5. Dial in some settings
  6. Save, exit and reopen project
  7. View quick controls
    All values now show as 0 although i believe the synth is still at the settings previously set

Edit: Streamlined recreation process as other QC bug was fixed.

Still need help with this one, can anyone confirm it as a bug or am I doing it wrong.

Same issue since the invention of quick controls.

I believe we may actually be supposed to ‘Write’ the automation into the project for the QC to remember it’s setting. It’s a work around but i’d expected the project to load with the values as was with out writing.