Quick Controls Stopped Working?

I was setting up a new project template and quick controls suddenly stopped responding on all tracks.

If I opened up a new session, they worked fine.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong, so I imported the tracks I had setup into a new project, and everything worked fine (had to setup all my routing again).

Anyone know why this might have happened?

Are you sure the Quick Controls were turned on? What Controller are you using? Are you sure the Controller is talking to Cubase OK?

Sorry for the slow response. I was using a custom Lemur setup with an iPad Pro, and yes, it was talking to Cubase and turned on. The problem hasn’t presented itself again - maybe I effed up somewhere.

NP, with that set-up you should be able to find lots of ways to integrate the QCs into things. They do glitch a bit on my system from time to time. At first they don’t respond, then, after moving a control a few times, they work. This only happens when I’m just starting to use QCs in a project. Sort like that part of the program needs a wake-up call – at least on my system.

This has just happened to me on Cubase Pro 10.
No quick controls respond to their midi mapping in new or old projects.
Everything is communicating fine on the hardware end.
Even using different controllers, which respond to the learn function in QC mapping just fine, do not have any effect on the track quick controls. So annoying. Such a basic function.

Just went and had a look at the .xml file for quick controls and it was showing the incorrect midi channel for my controller. I had definitely set and saved it correctly.
For the sake of it I exported a newly created .xml for the quick controls and opened that file up.
The midi channels were again listen incorrectly. Both times the midi channel has been offset by -1.
Eg if I set a midi channel of 13, in the .xml file its showing it as 12.

Again for the sake of it I changed my midi controller to channel 12, incase that was what cubase was in the end wanting to listen to. But it still didnt work.