Quick Controls (track) - limitations?

Hi folks,

Just trying to get my head around track Quick Controls.

Could someone confirm if the following scenario is an example of Quick Control limitations?

Two VSTi tracks (track 1 = Serum, Track 2 = Diva)

My hardware midi controller has Fader 1 mapped to Quick Control 1.

In my Cubase project:

Track 1 has Serum filter mapped to Quick Control (track) 1.

Track 2 has Diva filter also mapped to Quick Control (track) 1.

So when i move fader 1 on my hardware midi controller, it will adjust both the Serum & Diva filters?

Irrespective of the monitoring setting of each track?

The thing that i’m not understanding is: the “activate Quick control” button seems to be global. So if i activate it on the Serum track, it will also be activated on the Diva track. If this wasn’t the case, then i could assign Quick control 1 to as many destinations as i would desire,and could address them individually.

Any ideas?

Many thanks! …J


I’m sorry, I don’t understand this sentence:

Track 2 has Diva filter also mapped to Quick Control (track) 1.

What do you mean by the “(track)” here, please?


I guess what i’m asking is: is it correct that in a project you can only control a total of 8 Track Quick Controls from your midi hardware controller?

Well, of course you can control more, but can’t address them individually from your midi controller.

This is in contrast to VST Quick Controls, which can be enabled (or not) individually per each VSTi instance.

Track Quick Controls seems to be only either globally on or off (in terms of controlling them with your midi controller).

Hmmm, clear as mud methinks! :wink:

the midi I/O you set up in track qc device controls the track qc of the SELECTED track.
If you select track#1, your midi I/O controls track qc of track#1. Select track#2 anf you midi I/O controls track qc of track #2 etc…

Provided track qc is switched on (globally)

Track Quick Controls (common QCa) are per track. So you can Control up to 8 parameters related to the track. Then switch to another track = 8 controllers for THIS track.

Edit, will come back to this later!