Quick controls using opus and bbc symphony orchestra

I have tried for around 4 months to get CC11 to work in Opus using the knobs on my NI A49 keyboard. Right now I have programmed each of the 8 knobs to respond to QC 1-8. It works in every patch exept Opus. I am for example able to program and control macros in Pigments using QC/knob 1-4. In Opus however none of the knobs work. If I open the QC menu in opus and try to move one of the 8 knobs on the keyboard nothing happens (I have tried using the learn mode but still nothing happens). Jumping over to Pigments or another patch and it works perfectly. It is highly frustrating but I suppose I must be doing something wrong.

In BBC Symphony Orchestra I have another problem. The QC works fine and I am able to use the knobs to control expression. But I would like to record CC11/expression automation curve in the editor, but if I start recording using the editor nothing happens, I dont get a visible curve in the editor similar to what I get using other patches (the knob still works, Cubase just does not record a automation curve in the editor)

Very grateful for any help!

Have you enabled Automation Write on your Instrument Track?

No I have not, but as far as I can tell if I enable record in the Edit Window I should be able to draw a curve in the editor directly without using write automation. This works fine for Opus but not in BBC