Quick Controls Values Lost

My problem: I opened my Cubase project just now, and on the one track where I was using track quick controls, the track quick control values were not the same as when I saved the project. 7 of the track quick controls were set to the default values. The remaining 1 track quick control was saved, because it had recorded automation; the other 7 had no recorded automation.

My question: Is there a way to save the track quick controls’ values for a track without having to record automation data on them? Or do I have to record a single point of automation on every track quick control that I’m using on every track just so Cubase will save it?

More information: The track quick controls in question are on an instrument track. That instrument track is for an external instrument. The track quick controls’ assignments are to parameters created in a device which was created in the MIDI Device Manager. The track quick controls assignments are saved in the project just fine (cutoff, resonance, etc.). The problem lies in saving the values (0-127) of those assignments.