Quick Controls; why are some QC missing from equivalent console automatioin

This is a specific question related to my other posts.
I want to automate the changing of the bank parameter in an IFX (insert fx) as noted here

But in the track automation, this is not available…why?


The (!) means, this is non-automatable parameter. You can change its state, but you cannot automate it. For example Solo of a track you can change, but you can’t automate (you can automate only Mute).

Thanks @Martin.Jirsak
Good to know although i have read the manual many tines…have never noted (!) Indicator

I guess the cubase designers may not be cognisant of peeps operating ifx as ‘presets’ much like you would in the same way send program changes to a synth during sections of a song

It is a much more musical and simple way of mixing…i have found