Quick Controls with Output Products (Rev, Signal, etc)

Anyone here using anything made by Output? I’m trying to assign quick controllers to some of the “macros” in the Output Signal Kontakt instance. Oddly, when I engage the “learn” function on the quick controller window and move a control inside Signal, literally EVERY parameter within Signal gets mapped to the one quick controller.

Trying to map additional quick controls just links all the quick controls together.

This is very odd behavior, and I don’t encounter it with other plugins and/or other Kontakt products. Any ideas?


I’m not sure you are using Quick Controls the proper way.

Open the Quick Controls Setup window. Here define what MIDI Controllers are you going to use for the Quick Controls. Make sure the controllers are unique.

Then on the Channel click Learn in the Quick Control panel and select only one of the Quick Controls slider. Then move the knob/slider in the GUI of the plug-in you want to control. Click (select) next Quick Control’s slider and learn next parameter. Once you assign all parameters, disable learn and start to use it.

Btw, by Output Channel, do you mean Audio Return Channel of Instrument track? This is what I understand from your description.

Thanks Martin! I see the confusion. I’m referring the the line of Kontakt instruments made by the company “Output,” one of which is called “Signal.” It definitely makes for confusing forum posts.

I figured it out, for those who are interested. The “macro” sliders in Output Signal make changes to a ton of other GUI elements in the Kontakt instrument, and so the quick control learn function mistakenly thinks you’re trying to control multiple sliders. The fix is to not use Cubase’s learn function at all, and instead to assign a “host automation” number within Kontakt itself to the macro slider, and then set the quick control to that same host automation number.

Good to know, thank you.