Quick Controls

Is there a way to load Quick Control settings for all selected channels or tracks? Option or Option+shift for Quick Link doesn’t seem to work even when I am loading settings that are on all the selected channels. I can do them all one by one but not all at once. This makes Quick Controls kind of slow.

The Track Preset contains also QuickControl settings. Could this helps?

Thanks for the reply, it is helpful that it is there, and I was aware just need a quick way to be able to add them to track already there.

Maybe if there were a shortcut to add tracks with presets then it would be useful but I am not aware of any. The keyboard shortcut “Using Track Preset…” I have set up in combination with Keyboard Maestro to jump straight to the search field but still completely slow. It always has to search for the presets everytime it opens.

Also there seems no way using track preset to apply them to all selected tracks, if there were that could sometimes work but I have not been able to get that to work.