Quick EQ question

Hi , i’m thinking of swapping my KRK RP6 G2s for some Yamaha HS5s but I want to try an emulate the loss of bass frequency on the RP6s.

The RP6 is rated 49hz-20khz
The HS10 is rated 54hz-30Khz

I want to import some music into Cubase and cut the bass frequency using the EQ so it completely mutes anything below 54hz.

This might sound really odd I know… :slight_smile:

So why can’t you just roll off at 54hz on the master fader buss?..

Apart from that I can´t see a question here - The EQ will not

I believe he wants to simulate the loss of bass on the speakers that he wants to purchase on his current ones.
Again, roll off at 54khz on your master fader but I’m not sure how accurate that is going to be as there are other factors involved.

Look out for Yamaha specs though - they used to specify at -10dB levels as actual frequency range, not -3dB which is convention.

I looked at HS50 and HS80 I think it was this type of specs.

HS80’s are excellent for the price.