Quick GA4 Trial Question (please?)

Hello guys,

I have recently downloaded/installed ‘GA4 Trial’ (I had already purchased/installed GA3 some time ago). ‘GA4 Trial’ appears/functions as a standalone but it does not appear anywhere within Cubase (Artist 7.5)? This is the case for both of my Win7 and Win8.1 PC’s.

So I wondered if the TRIAL version had a certain limitation(s) being that it won’t function within a DAW (ie only as a standalone)?

During the installations I followed all the prompt locations/folders.

Thanks very much indeed in advance.



Thanks for your help Ed Doll and LBro44.

I checked the GA4 thread but could not see an answer to this question :-

If you download the TRIAL and want to UPGRADE (ie purchase) once the 30 x days has expired, do you have to DOWNLOAD GA4 again from scratch, or are you given an ACTIVATION CODE (for your eLicensor)?

Obviously the letter mentioned would be preferable.



http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=63904#p381399 :mrgreen:

Hi Rocketeer, the trial is identical to the full version and can be converted with an activation code. The AC you get here: http://www.steinberg.net/de/shop/buy_product/product/groove-agent-4.html

That’s great Voodo. Thanks, I did look over the weekend but could not see a specific answer.



The question is: why should someone buy the full, if the trial is identical. :smiling_imp:

The Trial has also a eLicencer-Key. You can use it only one time. It’s not possible to delete the key and install another trial key - only the full version key.

Hi Widestone,

But can do delete the GA4 ‘trial’ eLicensor from your dongle if you chose not to upgrade once the 30 x day ‘trial’ period has expired?



no! :smiley: