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OK what am I doing wrong when using “quick -link”? Or is it a limitation of using multiple channels of midi on HALION?

I select two channels, different VSTs (one Halion SE (midi channel 2) , one BBC orchestra,) using shift-Click and then click on ‘Quick link’ but when i move a fader only one moves, not both. Does this whether i use the faders on screen or on my midi controller.

However I can link the the main HALION Instrument Channel to the BBC Orch channel as expected
Am I expecting too much when I want to ‘Quick Link’ just one Halion midi-channel to another mixer channel?

I’ll leave it there for now as I think that is the problem but would welcome either confirmation or advice if I’m misunderstanding the concepts behind this function!!! :crazy_face:

As ever, thx in advance to all and any who can help especially if you can do it without laughing too loud at me!!! :rofl:


Hi @Robin_S

No worries, no one’s going to laugh at you!
We’re all in the same boat here trying to help each other to work with one of the most feature packed applications ever!

You are right, you cannot link those types of channels and tracks with QLink.
Why are you trying to avoid loading each Halion instrument in its own instrument track?

thanks for the prompt response (and understanding of my shortcomings!)

I was trying to utilise the multi-timbral facilty of Halion as I had read it puts less strain on the computer to have just one instance of Halion if possible?

But at least I now know what not to try - saved me hours of fiddling around - thank you! :100: :smiley:

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You are welcome, @Robin_S :+1:

You can find more in-depth information on how to make it work with a single Halion instance here:

The last post there also goes into the counter-intuitive performance drawbacks of that approach:

Maybe you received the optimal answer already but it would be helpful if you’d post a screenshot of the MixConsole along with the question. Often things are easier to figure out by looking at them compared to reading text only.

thanks Johnny.

I have resolved the question - QUICK LINK can’t be done with just one instance of Halion: I suppose it would be like trying to alter the volume/pan/ EQ etc of one guitar string without it affect the 5 others!? :crazy_face:

HOWEVER… :bulb:
I have discovered that it CAN be done my using the LINK function which to be honest is all I needed as I was multi layering different patches of the same virtual “instrument” (in this case Cellos) and once I had the balance right between them I wanted to keep the relative balance the same as I mixed the Cellos into the project. Below you can see I set up a ‘permanent’ link between the two channels called ‘cellos’.


Hey, you live and learn - in this case, that Cubase has yet more features for every eventuality!!!

Thanks for your interest,

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