Quick look for Hub's Open Recent (feature Request)

First of all: I love Dorico every day more!

I have a suggestion for a possible improvement:
it would be possible in the future to have a sort of Quick Look in the Hub’s Open Recent dialog?: now the previews are so so small that the different music is not (edit) really recognizable (especially when for example exercises or pieces are similar and have similar title).

Maybe could be implemented a function that when pressing the mouse button longer opens the preview of each “first page” a little bigger…, or just an option to make the preview icons a little bigger…, or maybe an action “open in finder” that opens/selects the folder and points/selects the selected file? ( I see the “open containing folder” action but I must afterwards search for the file, instead of having it automatic selected).
Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion, Christian. We’ll think about this.

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