Quick MIDI Kbd Assignment to Instrument in Write Mode?

I have a score with a half-dozen different instruments. When I double-click on one staff to enter some notes, Dorico nicely sounds the notes for that particular instrument. Moreover, if I then exit the note entry mode, and just play on my MIDI keyboard (not entering notes, just rehearsing), Dorico continue to sound that same instrument. Great.

My question is this: how do I get Dorico to switch my MIDI keyboard to some other instrument (for rehearsing, say) without having to first enter a note on that staff? And without leaving the WRITE mode? Seems to me there should be some insanely simple operation like “Ctrl-Click on the Instrument (or Player) name on the score switches the MIDI keyboard to that instrument”, but I can’t find it. Even the obvious clicking on a note (or rest) in that staff, which sounds the note on the right instrument, or even arrowing its pitch up or down, still leaves the keyboard assigned to the previously-entered instrument. TIA

I hear ya! And Daniel said they would consider adding a simple staff selection to switch sound (after all that’s how it works on Play mode), hopefully in the next version… Here’s my original request: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=145131&p=780775#p780775

Thanks. I agree with your assessment. Too cumbersome. Like not being able to move a note on the staff by click-dragging it.

This one has been discussed quite a bit. Believe me, you don’t want to be able to click and drag notes to move them on the staff.


“Oops again!”

Or heaven forbid, you don’t even realize it moved, in a last-minute rehearsal with 30 paid musicians, and no one can figure out why there something totally off…

I have to agree with Dank here, however it is possible to make all of us happy by putting an extra condition to be able to move the note, say… you can only do it if you’re also holding down the Alt key…

But Alt + Mouse click already means “paste”. It’s going to be fun if “holding the Alt key down and clicking” means something different from “Holding the mouse button down while pressing Alt” :slight_smile:

It was just an example… Sigh! It could be SHIFT or CTRL or a combination of the above, etc… :wink:

Sorry to pile on, but Shift-click expands a contiguous selection, and Ctrl-click adds to a non-contiguous selection. And Shift-click-and-drag alternates between the hand tool and the marquee selection.

It’s not nitpicking; it proves the point of the objection. The UI isn’t really set up for moving notes with the mouse, regardless of the modifier. It’s a significant departure from the current functionality, and would require some fundamental restructuring of the interface. Not that any of us know what will or won’t happen in future versions.

Just my two cents as a lowly user…

…not to mention that, at least in Sibelius, dragging notes with the mouse is slow, because it’s inherently inaccurate.

Pianoleo, it’s only slow in Sibelius when you do it intentionally. I find that dragging something right off the page by accident is usually instantaneous.

Finding and retrieving it when you discover the mistake later on is usually slow, though :slight_smile:

Yes, but I agree with Bollen that requiring a modifier key would make it much less likely to shift a note accidentally. I still don’t think the developers should be spending time adding alternative input methods that are slower than what we’ve already got, in the name of intuitiveness.

Ha! OK you got me… How about that this only works in Engrave Mode…?

Bah! I won’t accept that as an answer… :wink:

Well, Engrave mode doesn’t allow you to change notes or other elements in the score, only their appearance!

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Funny you… :mrgreen: I just realised that you guys are talking about something different from what I was thinking. I was just thinking left and right not change pitch, I would never change pitch with a mouse :astonished: !!!