quick playback question - adjusting instrument volume

I’m using the default hsse+pro template for the sound library.

It’s a simple score with 7 instruments. The violin instrument is 2x louder than everything else which is really annoying each time I play back the score. If I go to the HALion mixer and attenuate that instrument’s volume, it will revert back to it’s original setting as soon as I hit play. Is there a quick and dirty way to skin this cat?

I’ve spent half an hour searching the forum and the manual.

Thanks in advance!

I hope you’ll excuse the stupid question, but have you tried marking up the various parts with dynamics? Dorico should respect them on playback.

not a stupid question when you consider I once spent an hour trying to melt the ice holding my car door shut, only to discover it was locked. But yes, dynamic markings are in place. I will experiment with changing them up and see if I can get them balanced. I sort of hoped that I could set a base mix with the faders in halion and dorico would move the midi volume about based on dynamic markings. Sort of like in cubase: where one can set the output volume of the VSTi, while the midi data changes the cc volume for swells etc. Like a preamp volume and master volume.

Thank you for bringing a smile to my morning.

Instead of using the HALion mixer, use the Dorico mixer, as this controls the individual output audio channels. The HALion mixer responds to the cc7 midi data that Dorico sends it, if you want control over that too then click the ‘midi’ button in the Dorico mixer.