quick/plug-in controls - can't control with midi faders

Hi Guys,

I’m actually a Nuendo 6.x users but since that forum is very post oriented few people on there know anything about the midi side of things.

I’ve created an instrument track with a bunch of plug-ins in inserts on it, one of them is a filter.
Now I want to control that filter with some of the midi faders on my master keyboard, namely 21 for cutoff.

For some reason I can’t seem to be able to midi learn in Cubendo; when I enable it either in the plug-in or in quick controls, it won’t learn the controller.
I know the controller works as I can record the midi data it generates, and I can see it coming in on transport on the midi vu meter.

What am I doing wrong? Help me obi-one kenobi, you’re my only help… :mrgreen: