Quick Pool Question


Is there any way to define which folder Cubase records my audio to? When I look in my pool, all my audio files are in random folders on my HD, a new folder every other time I record. I’d like to record all of my takes into the folder of my choice.

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Yes, when you create a new project either using the project assistant or if you cancel it and just follow the usual creation of a recording folder from the dropdown tree structure.

In the project assistant make sure you check “Prompt For Project Location” at the bottom of the Box and not “use default location”

Thanks Split. Is there any way to get this to work on projects I have already created in the past?

I would think the thing to do would be to do a backup project, there you can set a new location of your choice and the project and all associated files will be copied to the new location. Once you are happy that the new project location and files are correct you can then delete the old project. All subsequent recording to that “new” project location will go the the new locations audio file.

Okay, good idea Split; I will try. Thanks!

Hey Split,

Is what I ended up doing is putting each project into its own folder under my album folder. Then I opened the project and it prompted me to specify the project folder. I chose the one corresponding to the project, and when I checked my pool, that folder was set as the path where my audio would be recorded to. For projects where I had previously recorded audio in different folders, I prepared archive in the pool.

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Ah…yes that’ll work to good idea :stuck_out_tongue: