Quick q: can chord diagrams be resized?

Hi folks,
Can chord diagrams be resized separately from other things in the score or is this perhaps an Engrave feature?

You can change the size of all chord diagrams (expressed as a scale size relative to chord symbols) in Engrave > Engraving Options > Chord Diagrams. That’s only available in Dorico Pro.

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Hi @Lillie_Harris,
Ah, as I suspected, many thanks for confirming.
OK, that’s the first reason to buy a subscription :grinning:

Mika, just to clarify - Engraving Options isn’t available on the iPad even if you subscribe. It’s included in Dorico Pro in the desktop version.

Oh, that’s a shame.
Then I’m stuck with the small chord diagrams for now I guess.
I’ll just have to print things a bit bigger…
(I’ve changed the title as well since my question was about the iPad version.)

If you open a project where someone with access to Pro has changed that setting, it should continue to be respected.

And thanks for updating the title - I’m sure that will be helpful for onlookers. For your own info, you should also be able to add tags to threads here on the forum, including one for “dorico-for-ipad” :slight_smile:

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Here is an empty Project file with the Chord Diagrams scaled up 25%. Try it and see if it works for you.
LgChordDiagrams2.dorico (380.0 KB)

Opened with Dorico for desktop on a Mac and received a message:

“This project references a Playback Template playbacktemplate.noteperformer that is not installed on this system”

Adding a chord to the resulting blank file after opening did not show a larger chord symbol as seen by comparing a chord symbol added to a control project.

Maybe this would work for someone else under different conditions.

I keep forgetting to reset to the default playback template. I will update the file. I did not test on the iPad, only desktop. I will try and do that.

… adding: opening with Dorico SE which approximates iPad due to lack of engraving option in SE. Mostly out of connivence since the iPad is in the car still from a practice.

This is what I get on my system. Standard vs scaled.

Ok - wasn’t testing by looking at the fretboard diagrams before. Was thinking the chord symbol (as in “C”) would get bigger too. Now I’m on the same page and learned how to turn the diagrams on - those look bigger. The error doesn’t impact this. Thanks for providing.

Many thanks @Craig_F!
Works very well on my iPad.
I’ll be using this for my next leadsheets (which is mainly what I use Dorico for right now).

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