Quick query CD text, ISRC codes missing from CDs

Hi folks,

I’m talking to a CD replication shop about getting my CDs duplicated and have run into the following issues:

  • The CD shop has sent me a sample CD. All the tracks are fine but the CD-Text is missing for the track titles, artist name, basically the whole shebang for what would be tags in MP3s
  • Very strangely, the ISRC codes I included in the DDP are there

Now the shop has said that including the EAN/UPC code can sometimes cause CD-Text problems. I did include this since I got an EAN with my ISRCs from the CD label I’m using.

I can duplicate the error here. I’m using Exact Audio Copy to generate a cue sheet and it shows me nothing except the ISRCs on the CD I burned from the montage in Wavelab. All track titles, artist and composer info is missing, plus the album title.

I’m gonna remove the EAN code from the CD-Text and try burning another CD to check but it sure is a weird problem? Is it Wavelab or my CD player that refuses to burn the EAN properly or something?

Anyone run into these kinds of issues?

Thanks in advance!

First, are sure you setup the CD text correctly? You can try this: instead of CD burning, generate a DDP and import it back into WaveLab… do you see the CD text? If yes, the montage is set correctly.
It is true that some CD burners have sometimes some problem with CD Text. But why don’t you send a DDP to the CD replication shop, rather than a CD?

Hi PG1!

Yeah, the CD text is fine, I’ve now identified the issue to probably be CD hardware at my end as well as the burner program the replication shop is using - Hofa’s DDP Pro. I originally sent the shop a DDP over FTP.

I burned another Master CD from Wavelab and a CD from the DDP from Wavelab (exact same settings) using Hofa’s program and got some incompatibility issues on the Hofa CD on some PCs (no CD titles, only ISRCs) but not on my Wavelab CD. Also incompatibility with one drive on one PC r CD-Text.

So what we’re going to do is send the Wavelab Master CD directly to the CD replication shop and have them just copy that.

Since this doesn’t involve DDPs I think this will probably resolve the issue.

The point about generating a DDP and loading it back into Wavelab is really well made! That’s exactly what I did and everything’s fine. Hofa also checks the DDP and says its fine but … it doesn’t burn a decent CD from it on that one PC, just as you say.

Thanks for your comment!