Quick question about audio editor and Detect tempo.

So I have a short piece of audio I tried to detect audio on and it says it needs to be more than 7 seconds long. So I tried to simply glue the parts together and detect that way which doesn’t work. Which brings me to a question ive had for a long time. When gluing audio parts together then hitting enter to see audio editor is there anyway to see this new glued part as one in the editor or will it always be the separate parts?

I realize I can bounce the parts in place to detect tempo as a solution, but is there any other way for short pieces of audio?


When you glue audio events together they normally don’t actually glue into one single audio event, but they get put into a ‘part’ which is a container for multiple audio events (and it has a different outline so you can tell it’s a part). When you edit the part then you see the separate audio events again.

I say normally because if the audio being glued is actually from the same audio event and it lines up perfectly to the original audio event then it will be turned back into the one single audio event (like if you simply cut a single event and then immediately glue it back together again without moving anything). So, the Glue tool can do two different things!

There are a few ways to make audio events into a single event: Bounce it, Render In Place it, Export and re-import it, Record it to another track. Bounce is the simplest. And you can always delete the bounced audio after you’ve detected the tempo.