Quick question about Option+Mouseclick

Hi Everyone, What is the functionality called, when you option click and Dorico selects the next event, duplicate, and insert? Is it called Duplicate to fill? Or is that another software?

Can’t for the life of me remember the actual name of this utility.

Thanks in advance.

It’s not called anything specific in the manual except for Alt-click.

Hi Dankreider, I see. Then is there a way to describe what it does when you have something selected, and it copies and pastes it immediately after?

That’s “R.” I don’t think it has an official name!

R for replace?
Weird! I was able to replicate a similar “r” function with alt+click! the alt+click is copy and replacing wherever I click with the selection. It drops the selection copy anywhere I click.

Not really “replace,” since it’s not overwriting anything. “Repeat,” I guess. Alt-click duplicates a selection anywhere (and on any staff), whereas R duplicates it to the rhythmic position immediately following.

I guess you could think of them as non-contiguous and contiguous duplication, respectively.

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Great, going to use both functions more!

Yeah “R” is “repeat”: it repeats whatever you’ve got selected immediately after itself.

Alt-click is essentially copy/paste but without adding it to your clipboard.

Both are affected by whether you’ve got Chords or Insert active: if Chords is active, any existing material in the “copy destination zone” (lame wording, sorry) will be merged with the new material, not overwritten. If Insert is active, subsequent material in the affected voices will get pushed back.

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The only situation in which the repeat function doesn’t work as one might expect is with slurs. If you select a slur and press R, a new slur is created starting at the last note of the previous slur which is, in most cases, not very useful. It has been suggested before but it would be handy if the repeated slur would start at the next note. This would make entering repeated patterns of slurs a bit easier, although it’s pretty easy as it is.