Quick question about reactivation...

Hello everybody,

I have my licenced Cubase 9 installed in my studio at home, but I have work to do outside with a laptop (recording live gigs). I work because a really need money, because of that i don’t have and can’t afford right now an eLicenser USB.

My question is…, can I reactivate my licence in that laptop and then reactivating again in my studio in a span of 24h or less?

Thank you! :smiley: :mrgreen:

I suspect not if you’re going back and forwards between the two repeatedly.

How many live gigs do you need it for and over what time period? You could download the 30 day Demo to your Lap Top.

Only one, for now I hope… hahah
When i get paid for this i will purchase an eLicenser for sure, but it ocurred fast.

I’m going to consider downloading a trial, I guess I can record it there and then doing the editing in my studio.

The trial is exactly the same, just for 30 days