Quick question for Windows version users

hi, i used windows until cubase 5 then switched to mac and now i’m on Nuendo 6 on mac

one thing annoyed me on the windows version that is not on the mac version, and it was that i could not scroll horizontally with my mouse’s scroll wheel, i could only use the vertical scrolling and navigate horizontally holding SHIFT.

is it still like that?

i’m considering switching back to windows in the future.

all the best!

Your question is worded a bit ambiguously. But on a PC the scroll wheel scrolls vertically and if you hold down the shift key it will scroll horizontally. It sounds like this is the behavior you don’t want. How does it work on a Mac?

It’s scrolled horizontally holding Shift as long as I can remember.

on the mac it’s the same but you can also scroll horizontally just using the mouse wheel and pushing it left or right…
or swiping left and right on the mac keypad…

it’s the same for other programs too, for example Sibelius…on mac you can navigate everywhere using only the mouse wheel while on pc you have to hold shift on the keyboard…

it’s very useful and i wonder why this is not possible on pc…

Actually it depends on what kind of mouse you use. Virtually all of the better ones are programmable and you can have them do anything you want, horizontal scrolling included. Mine even has extra buttons completely assignable to any function you want. I have two of them for copy and paste. Very neat, I can copy/paste anything (of course that includes anything you can copy/paste in Cubase) with the same hand that holds the mouse, without even touching the keyboard.

i have a cool logitech performance mouse, with assignable button etc etc…and i too use to program buttons for specific cubase functions…
but i wasn’t aware that you could scroll horizontally with it…

how do you do it?
using Logitech Control Center?

thanks a lot!!!

Not sure about Logitech, but all the new products in the Microsoft “touch mouse” line have that capability.

Here’s an example:


I have additional information for you. I was working on someone else’s computer this morning and it had a Logitech mouse (M705, don’t know if still in current production, but it had programmable buttons.) So, I remembered this discussion and I checked with its control panel (SetPoint settings.) I saw speed controls for horizontal scroll (items #6 and 7 under “my mouse”, left and right scroll, adjustable individually.) Which means that also Logitech mice can scroll horizontally. So, you probably don’t even have to buy a new Microsoft touch mouse.

thanks a lot for your help and kindness!
it’s exactly the mouse i have, so i’ll investigate it…


A clicky scroll? Whoa, I couldn’t tolerate that. I’ve always held down the middle mouse button to scroll horizontally.

Having to use OSX really threw me off… seriously, who uses the desktop widgets (clock, weather, etc.) that much to justify having a vital mouse button bound to that action in every application?

The mouse I’ve taken a fancy to is Logitech’s G700. It’s wireless, doesn’t need a cradle to charge, and has a ton of programmable buttons. Comfy shape and dual-mode wheel, too! Also, instead of a horizontal scroll functionality, I set the right and left wheel tilt buttons to “play from selection start” and “start/stop” respectively. It’s a good kind of handy.