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So I now have 12 Mastered tracks, and when I go to the Meta Normalizer, and attempt to “Match Loudest Clip”, it does it’s thing, but when I export it, it comes out as 1 file of all the songs as 1 file. I was hoping to get 12 independent files, and I am not finding the specific procedure to make it happen.
Is there a button I’m missing somewhere ?

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You mean ‘render’ it ?

Use the render tab and choose ‘All selected Clips’ in the Source section, for example.

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Thanks, you got me on track.
I rendered at the recommended -23 LUFS and my tracks came out at an anemic -18 RMS.

Should I just be experimenting with reducing the LUFS until I get to the RMS I like ? While rendering I’m bypassing the Master Section.


-23 is a broadcast standard.

What is the destination for your tracks? CD, You Tube ?

Take a look at this article for some recommendations (see the Conclusion):

It’s difficult to make recommendations without hearing the music and without knowing the destination medium.

I’m putting them on SoundCloud.
Song competition stuff.

The competition is directed by my link to go and listen to the songs.

Strictly speaking SoundCloud doesn’t yet use loudness normalisation, but the AES recommendation for streaming content is -16 LUFS (integrated loudness) with peaks no higher than -1 dBTP.

P.S. Using meta normalizer may not always produce a -16LUFS integrated loudness if the material includes very dynamic passages with high transient peaks.

The thing about streaming service loudness normalization is that they normalize the audio for you so you don’t have to.

Just master it to where it sounds good for the material and realize that overcooking it for the sake of loudness only often means dwarfed results in loudness normalized situations.

Thanks for the help guys.
I went to -15 LUFS, which gave me a -13RMS final mixes, …I’m thinking I’m good.

Like they say, You never finish a mix, you just abandon it ! : )

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