Quick question on adding input/new tracks

Full recorded band using individual cpr file for each song. All songs recorded with same initial template.

I would love a way to set a preset to add say: a folder with 3 separate tracks for (guitar direct, 57 mic, 421 mic), by just saving tracks from the first instance of this, from one of the cpr files, then add this setup (folder) to another project. I can’t seem to find a way to save an additional template that I can add to another project file, while saving the input source for each channel.

I would just love a way to add a new input setup to another project, without having to setup the same new input setup for each new (though existing) song (cpr). VST Connections (inputs) are the same on all songs.

Man, that sounded haphazard…

I just wish to open a new file, and add just the guitar input tracks as I had on a previous song (pre setup to record).

Is there any way possible?

i’m not sure (not in front of my cubase 5 ) but i think you can create and save multiple track preset and add it to projects later .


you can use your own presets in the vst connections dialogue - this is very useful!

a good way is to save tracks as “track archive” - then you can open this track template in every other cubase project.

from the project you wish to export into another project

  1. select the track/tracks
    2.File>Export>Selected tracks.

in the project you wish to import
1.File>Import>Track archive

You have to be kidding me!?

Is it that easy?

Opening files now to try.

Thank you!!

Holy hell, I think I owe you money!

You just saved me so much time!!

Thank you Thank you!