Quick question on Cubase Elements 10.5


I was going to try Cubase LE but saw you need hardware to use it. Then I came across Cubase El 10.5 for £85, which seems a great deal.

It’s not obvious on the site if I need hardware to run this as well, I just want to double check that?

And also to ask, will it work ok with my Onyx Black Jack interface? This used to be work on windows 7 with an old cubase version, but ive had to install ASIO4All drivers to get windows 10 interact with it correctly.
I guess if A4A can work with Cubase El 10.5, that it should be fine?

Cheers for any information!

You don’t need hardware for AI or LE. It’s just that they come bundled with hardware. The license for AI or LE can’t be bought in a store.
You don’t need hardware for Elements either.
Any of these versions should run with any sound card or audio interface but they run much better (with lower latency) with an ASIO audio interface.
I am not sure about the Onyx but I didn’t see any reference to ASIO on the product page which is probably why you had to use ASIO4ALL (which is basically a generic ASIO driver or “ASIO adapter”). I did see that it recommends Win7 so maybe it’s a fairly old product?
There are plenty of ASIO audio interfaces for $100-$150 that include recording software (many of them with Cubase AI) so that is one option.
Then you could upgrade the AI license to Elements to get some extra features such as Virtual Instruments and FX.
Lastly, you should be able to use a trial of Elements for 30 days to see how you like it.

One last thing… I re-read your post and I THINK that the reason you have to use ASIO4ALL is because the ONYX has no Win10 driver, which may mean it’s time to move on to a newer product.

Hey jaslan,

Thanks for the feed back! Means a lot.
And you’re correct, the Onyx has no win10 drivers - though you can install using the “win7 compatibility mode”. However this comes with 1 odd issue (on windows 10), the OS can not “see” both Input and Output at the same time. This led me to end up using ASIO4All drivers, which fixed it all instantly.

You might be right in your other point. I’ve been using windows 7 for a long time, with (potentially) out dated software. I put off win10 upgrade after the mess of win8. But since using win10 in work for the last few years, I finally decided to ugprade my home system.

Now I’m ready to record again, was hoping I could just use my Black Jack box. If this continues to be an issue, I will 100% look at buying something else.
I did like the look of the UR22C (https://new.steinberg.net/audio-interfaces/ur22c/).

Looking through my emails, I did have an old activate code for LE 9.5. So I’ve added that, and it let me download the Download Assistant.
I presume I just download Cubase LE 9.5 from there?
I’ve just had an email from Steinberg with an activation code for “LE”, could I use that for LE 10?

Cheers again for your response!

Ive installed 9.5 (after adding my lic key to eLic software). Seems to be working fine. It found my ASIO4All drivers, and can see my 2 inputs from the mackie box.
First few tests: very minimal (if any) latency.

I read somewhere I could upgrade 9.5 LE to 10 is this true?

Im going to have to get used to this new GUI. Last time I was in a studio, was using Cubase 5. Looks very different now lol

Is it normal that audio tracks dont have graphics on them anymore to show volume?